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1995-035.07 Mohrmann Family collection: School Photos  Late 19th century, early 20th   Contains four photos, three of which are of different classes which appear to be in the same school. They are by Empire Photo Publishing Co. NYC. Fourth photo is of a class at "School District No. 3" with an unidentified note on legal paper attached saying that it may be Flat Rock School on Rhinecliff Road. (Note: Collection is under review.)    Rhinebeck, Brooklyn , Poughkeepsie  Photograph  Education Buildings    vertical
1995-035.08 Mohrmann Family Collection: Red Leather Travel Folder with Photo Negatives  undated  Two groups of unidentified negatives are found in a red leather travel folder. Most are informal pictures of groups. The folder contains pockets for stamps and railroad tickets. (Note: Collection is under review.)    Rhinebeck, Brooklyn , Poughkeepsie  Artifact      vertical
1995-036 Reverend Frederick H. Quitman's Service Book  Unknown  Contains a German language Bible belonging to Rev. Frederick H. Quitman, minister at Lutheran Stone Church and original resident of the Quitman House. Frederick Quitman's name is handwritten at the top of the first page of text. There is a German language note penciled on the cover page; on the verso the names Philip, George, Elisbeth are written.  Quitman  Rhinebeck  Book  Bible    vertical
1995-037.01 Barbara Frost Collection: Great Eastern Fertilizer Company  1912  This advertising booklet promotes use of the Great Eastern Fertilizer Company's products, provides crop planting and growing information; states that crops valued at. $9 billion were harvested in the USA in 1912 and includes ten pages of customer testimonials. The booklet was stored at the Frost Farm, located across Frost Road from The Wurtemburg Church Cemetery.  Frost  Rhinebeck  Booklet  Agriculture Advertising  Great Eastern Fertilizer Company  vertical
1995-037.02 Barbara Frost Collection: Edith Frost Scrapbook  1935-1957  Edith Frost, aunt of Barbara Frost, compiled a scrapbook of her travels in New England. The scrapbook includes photographs of the following Rhinebeck houses: Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage,portico of the D.A.R. house on Livingston Street, Chauncey Depew House, Harvey Kilmer House on Route 308; also photos of New England houses that exemplify historic architectural styles.  Frost Depew Kilmer  Rhinebeck New England  Scrapbook Photographs  Architecture Houses  Frost, Edith  vertical
1995-038 Rhinebeck Photographs  1898  Photographs of Rhinebeck scenes reproduced from an 1898 album found in a house on Livingston St. in Rhinebeck, NY. Organized by subject, Vol. 1 contains Fire Dept., Buildings, People, Cemetery. Vol. 2 contains Churches, Entertainment, Farms, Falls, Mills, Bridges, Boats,Trains, Estates, Bicycles, Greenhouses, Horse & Buggy. Set of numbered 35 mm negatives is included in print file sleeves, as well as an album index arranged by photo title, listing category and photo number. Index lists 290 photographs. The original photos are in RHS accession # 1995-049 in their original two volumes.R. Johnson & J. Baldwin    Rhinebeck  Photograph  Estates Transportation Churches Entertainment Architecture Landscape Fire Departments Cemeteries People    vertical
1995-039 1736 German Bible  1736-1786  A German Bible printed in Nurnberg in 1736, listed as gift from the Rhinebeck D.A.R. An Inscription after the title page is illegible. There are entries in back of the Bible from 1771, 1778, and 1786. Legible names listed are Jacob A. Ackert and Philip A. Ackert. Tucked inside the pages of the Bible is an issue of Poughkeepsie newspaper Republican Telegraph dated 02/09/1825 with handwritten names J. Van Wagenen and Marion (K?) Asher(?). Written on the page following the title page are the names James Ackert, John Ackert "are godfathers" 1703(?).  Ackert Van Wagenen Asher  Germany  Bible Book  Religion Genealogy    vertical
1995-040 Kip- Beekman-Livingston-Heermance House Souvenir Plate  1700's, 1913  A blue and white souvenir plate depicts the Kip-Beekman-Livingston-Heermance house, Rhinebeck, N.Y. The plate is a souvenir of the 17th Annual Banquet of the Dutchess County Society held at Hotel Astor in New York City, January 18, 1913. Printed on the back of the plate is information about the origin of the house.  Kip Beekman Livingston Heermance  Rhinebeck New York City  Plate  Architecture Houses Organizations Kip Beekman Heermance House  Royal Doulton  vertical
1995-041.01 Milroy Collection: Young Men's Christian Association 1908  1908  Booklet describes establishment and history of Rhinebeck YMCA, includes programs, photos, and a list of the directors and trustees. Surnames included are: Tremper, Traver, Goodell, Coon, Miller, Herrick, Stickle, Rickert (Directors), and Brown, Traver, Carroll, Astor, Merritt, Tremper (Trustees).  Tremper Traver Goodell Coon Miller Herrick Dows Stickle Rikert Brown Traver Carroll Astor Merritt  Rhinebeck  Booklet  Recreation Business Commerce Social Associations    vertical
1995-041.02 Milroy Collection: Dutchess County United  1910  First Annual Report Dutchess County New York, dated May 1910. Included is a list of county community members, a listing by township of works projects within the county, photos, future plans, recreation, demographic statistics, a map of Dutchess County, a financial report.    Rhinebeck Dutchess County  Booklet  Business Commerce Social Associations    vertical
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