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ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length Scan ID# Media Link  
26 24  xx-11-1956  Lakeside Estates  survey  1"=60'  medium paper  pencil  good  Town of Milan  William F. Heerlein, Round Lake  Heerlein  Robert L Decker  15 lots  25.25  26.25  RHS.01.24.2008.092  vertical
57 28  xx-09-1951  Camp Ramapo Proposed Girls' Camp Site  topo survey  1"=40'  heavy paper  purple print  fair--tape damage along outer edge  Town of Rhinebeck  site bounded by camp road, stone wall, old stone wall bed    Robert L Decker  tree species identified, 2 copies  30.75  35.75  RHS.01.24.2008.093  vertical
59 28  xx-10-1957  Hetherington, Huber, and Harter  survey  1"=50'  transparent paper  pencil  fair--slight damage along one edge  Town of Rhinebeck  Lawrence L Huber, William F Hetherington, Walter Harter, Dylewski, barn, shed, house,  Huber, Hetherington, Harter, Dylewski  unsigned  15.56A, 0.45A, 04-22-1965 items recovered, ref to JPF 1950, RLD 1952 surveys, 3"x12" piece taped at upper left  29  34.75  RHS.01.24.2008.094  vertical
551 29  19-01-1926  Georgia E Fraser to Szatko  survey  1"=200'  linen  black print, red ink, pencil  fair--prior mold damage or foxing  Town of Gallatin, Columbia County  Georgia E Fraser, Parcel #1 was conveyed by Thomas Burger to Anson Coon in 1858 and is now a part of this farm--FLT, Henry A Coon, Peter Coon, "The Gore," highway to Elizaville, spring, house, orchard, wood land, creek, F I Latham,  Fraser, Burger, Coon, Latham  Frank L Teal  FLT seal, 38.5A, 3.1A, 1.98A, 109.6A  23  24.75  RHS.01.24.2008.095  vertical
557 30  xx-03-1959  Hopeland--Robert P Huntington Est  survey  1"=200'  transparent paper  pencil  fair--accordion condition  Town of Rhinebeck, Town of Hyde Park  Hopeland, Robert P Huntington Est, Firkusny  Huntington, Firkusny  unsigned  11.14A, 3.468A, 19.067A, 2.477A, one parcel not conveyed (Firkusny) marked in red  31.5  41.75  RHS.01.24.2008.096  vertical
74 31  xx-11-1939  Grasmere Farms 1939  site plan  1"=200'  heavy paper  purple print, pencil  fair--water stains, 3 inch tear in upper left corner  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  Hon Allan A Ryan Jr, South Pines, Foxhollow Lot, Coyles Farm West Lot, Cedar Lot, South Buccobush, North Buccobush, Mill Lot, Coonwood Meadow, Sandhill Lot, Coon Woods, Brick Lot, Cow Heaven, Oak Field, Center Field, Square Meadow, Pasture, East Woods, Ladies Mile Field, Chambers Meadow, Evergreen Lot, Fiftyacre Lot, White Horse Lot, Coyles Farm North Lot, Coyles Farm South Lot, Long Meadow    Frank L Teal  pencilled notations inside 32 acre northerly parcel  30.25  62  RHS.01.24.2008.097  vertical
71 31  xx-06-1947  James R Bourne Estate  topo survey  1"=40'  medium paper  purple print  fair--print badly faded  Village of Rhinebeck  Platt Avenue, Beach Street  Bourne  Frank L Teal    21.75  30.75  RHS.01.24.2008.098  vertical
66 31  1915 North  Grasmere, Timpson  survey  1"=200'  transparent paper  pencil  fair--tape damage, discoloration  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  Allan A Ryan Jr, Lillie H Havemeyer, Rhinebeck cemetery, Mill Rd,  Ryan, Havemeyer  unsigned  Ryan not an owner until after 1939, so not likely a 1915 map  28.25  43  RHS.01.24.2008.099  vertical
70 31  xx-07-1951  Crosmour Homes  survey  1"=40'  medium paper  black print, pencil  good  Village of Rhinebeck  G Fred Cookingham, James R & Dorothy D Bourne, proposed extension of Chestnut St  Cookingham, Bourne  Robert L Decker    19.25  26.25  RHS.01.24.2008.100  vertical
76 32  28-12-1935  Rhinebeck Roads WPA--land from Roy Bailey  survey  1"=50'  transparent paper  black ink  good  Town of Rhinebeck  Residence of Roy Bailey, land of Mrs Klauber    Frank L Teal  0.79 acre  17  36.25  RHS.01.31.2008.101  vertical
ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length Scan ID# Media Link  
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