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Scan ID ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
RHS.09.18.2007.056 266  undated  Livingston Street  RHS.09.18.2007.056.jpg profile  not identified  heavy paper  pencil on orange grid  water stains, discoloration, damage at edges  Village of Rhinebeck  Beach St, Montgomery St, Center St, Mulberry, Parsonage St, Livingston St, S. Walk, N. Walk, N. Wk line, prod. Runs 5.17 ft., N. flag line    unsigned    22.25  29.75  vertical
RHS.09.18.2007.055 263  xx-10-1958  Carhart, Elsie G, Division of her property  RHS.09.18.2007.055.jpg survey  1"=50'  medium paper  blue print  good  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  Oscar E Carhart, Elsie G Carhart, Captain William Vincent Astor, Steven J Wojehowski & Nellie V Wojehowski, Central New England Railroad Co., Montgomery Street, Astor, point on s'ly line of former RR right of way in the Rhinebeck Kill, Formerly Central New England Railway Co., now Wojehowski, iron bar, Spoon (Note: could be Spoor), Parcel A, Parcel B, Parcel C, Espie,  Carhart, Astor, Wojehowski, Espie  Robert L Decker  Parcel C divided differently from other Carhart division map, 0.6A, 0.215A, 2.287A, 1.14A, parcel C cut in two lots of 120' and 101.76' (Espie) frontages  18  18.5  vertical
RHS.09.18.2007.054 262  xx-05-1962  Fairgrounds  RHS.09.18.2007.054.jpg survey  1"=20'  transparent paper  pencil  piece taped to corner  Town of Rhinebeck  Rhynders Oil Office Bldng, Lown bldg, Standard Oil lot, Village line, Boos lot added April May 1962 for est of Clarence Rhynders, Wojehowski, bridge, Spike near angle, Village corporation line, house, true corner is point on head of large bolt south and east of center line, RR approx right of way, true corner is bolt south of iron bar, iron rod, Clarence Rhynders, Montgomery Street, Hog Bridge, Nellie Wojehowski,  Boos, Wojehowski, Rhynders  unsigned  Note about Boos lot added May 1962  22.5  23.5  vertical
RHS.09.18.2007.053 258  undated  Trinity Place (Decker, Kurtz)  RHS.09.18.2007.053.jpg survey  1"=20'  transparent paper  pencil  some tape marks  Village of Rhinebeck  Trinity Place, Robert N. Decker,  Decker    seems to be projected roads  14.25  29  vertical
RHS.09.18.2007.052 259  16-09-1922  West Chestnut St and Macaulay Lot  RHS.09.18.2007.052.jpg profile  1"=100'  heavy paper  pencil on green grid  pencilled areas near end worn off, 1 in rip in center  Village of Rhinebeck, Town of Red Hook (back sid  Chestnut St, Oak St, Montgomery St, Macaulay Lot, Post Road, Butcher shop, John A Potts, Post Road, Prospect Street, Garden Street, North Walk, South Walk    unsigned  3.085A, map on both sides of sheet (on outside is Macaulay Lot, refer Box C Sept 16, 1922, butcher shop, Hapeman Farm, John A Potts, Post Rd)  22.5  28.25  vertical
RHS.09.18.2007.051 261  1909 North  Beach St and Montgomery St  RHS.09.18.2007.051.jpg survey  not identified  medium paper  pencil  tape marks, water stains, discoloration, 1 in rip  Village of Rhinebeck  Montgomery St, Market St, S Platt line, Chestnut St, Livingston St, Springbrook, Schryver    unsigned  note about how curbs should be designed, map on both sides of sheet (on outside outline of Beech St from E Market St to Chestnut St)  16  30.5  vertical
RHS.09.09.2010.220 1057  xx  5-Oct-1764  David Trever's Farm  RHS.09.09.2010.220.jpg   1"=10 chains  paper  brown ink  fair--tattered edges  unknown  Wappinger's Creek    Ch[arles] D[e] Witt    13  32  vertical
RHS.09.09.2010.219 1056  xx  xx-June 1907  Steen Valetje  RHS.09.09.2010.219.jpg survey  1"=400'  paper on cloth  black ink  fair--tattered on edges  Town of Rhinebeck & Red Hook      Frank Teal    13.75  20.5  vertical
RHS.09.09.2010.218 1055  xx    Dutchess County Rural Delivery Post Office Dept  RHS.09.09.2010.218.jpg route map  1"=1 mile  paper  blue print  fair--11 inch rip NW corner, other long rips, corners missing  Dutchess County          36  52  vertical
RHS.09.06.2007.050 211  52  1926  Alice Astor Ferncliff P[rince].O[bolensky].'s House  RHS.09.06.2007.050.jpg topo survey  unidentified  heavy paper  pencil, black crayon  tape marks, 3 in rip, end discolored  Town of Rhinebeck  Alice Obolensky, Alice Von Hoffmanstal, Alice Harding, Alice Bouverie, outline of structure, drive, gate    unsigned  suspected to be FLT, 2 ft contours  20  36.5  vertical
Scan ID ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
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