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1995-024.01 Elma Staley Williamson Collection: Ferncliff Forest  1697-1980  Contains 1) 1975 map of 192- acre Ferncliff Forest 2) Description of Ferncliff Forest Game Refuge and Forest Preserve 3) Letter dated July 1985 from Homer K. Staley to Ferncliff Forest members describing improvements such as Mt. Rutsen Pond stocked with fish, plans to repair the observation tower and add trails.   Staley  Rhinebeck  Document Letter Map   Land Preservation    vertical
1995-024.02 Elma Staley Williamson Collection: Astor Home for Children  1697-1880  History of Astor Home site starting with Judge Henry Beekman's patent of 1697. Robert and Alice Huntington built Bois Dore house on site circa 1875. In 1914 the Astors built and endowed a home for convalescent children called Holiday Farm. A 1914 annual report is included.  Beekman Astor Huntington  Rhinebeck  Correspondence Textual Records  Charity    vertical
1995-024.03 Elma Staley Williamson Collection: Ethel Traver  1894-1903  Teaching certificates and academic certificates awarded to Ethel Traver.  Traver  Rhinebeck  Certificates  Education Teachers    vertical
1995-024.04 Elma Staley Williamson Collection: Elma Williamson clippings, photos, postcard  1900-1990s  1) Reformed Dutch Church bicentennial celebration program 2) Dutchess County 150th Regiment memorial 3) Miller's School photo 1931 advertisement dated 1991 for sale of the former Delano estate for $12.5 million; 4) Saturday Evening Post magazine cover 1953 showing Rhinebeck Dutch Reformed Church 5) Thomas Wolfe Society proceedings and membership list 1991 6)Receipts 7) Clippings, photos, materials collected by Elma Williamson.   Dows Delano Astor  Rhinebeck  Program Receipt Postcard Photograph Newspaper article   Religion Schools-Rhinebeck Churches     vertical
1995-025.01 Peter Fraleigh Family Collection: Bible   1742-1901  Published in Nurnberg, Germany, 1755, this German Bible with numerous woodcut prints, also records Fraleigh Family births and deaths starting in 1720. Variations of the surname are Fralisk, Freligh, Fraligh, Fralick. First names are also listed. Bible measures 15.75" high x 11" wide x 4.5" in depth. See also 1997-035.  Fraleigh Fralisk Freligh Fraligh Fralick  Rhinebeck Red Hook  Book Textual Records Bible  Genealogy Religion    vertical
1995-025.02 Peter Fraleigh Family Collection: Donation Letter and Genealogical Information  1720-1992  This series contains five documents: 1. original letter from John B. Fraleigh to Rhinebeck Historical Society on donation of 1755 Bible. Letter includes genealogical information on Fraleigh family. 2. ˘appraisal of donated items÷ by Mary Joe Munroe. This is an appraisal of the donated 1755 German Bible. It Includes four listings of spelling variations of the surname: Fraleigh, Fralick, Fralisk, Freligh, Fraligh 3. statement of account regarding appraisal. 4, 5. Two copies of variations of handwritten genealogy of Fraleigh family spanning 1720-1992. See also 1997-035.  Fraleigh Fralick Fralisk Freligh Fraligh Munroe  Rhinebeck Red Hook  Correspondence Letter       vertical
1995-026.00 18th & 19th Century deeds (indentures) maps, pamphlets and miscellaneous  1758-1954  Records and events from 1758 to 1954, including deeds for Rhinebeck and nearby properties, maps, militia lists. Also pamphlets and miscellaneous documents covering people, building and places in Rhinebeck and nearby communities. (Note: Collection is under review.)  Traver Johnston Beekman Hamilton Vanderburgh Van Etten Livingston Schultz Garretson Wakeman Fraleigh Van Otten Streit Radcliff Hammick Morton Smith Hummell Dyar Davis Schermerhorn DePeyster  Dutchess County Columbia County Ulster County         vertical
1995-026.01 Callahan Collection: Deeds (indentures)  1772-1835  1772 Henry Beekman + Peter Fraleigh; 1788 Morgan Lewis + Tho. Tillotson; 1781/86/94 Margaret to Catherine Livingston; 1798 Frederick Streit + Tho. Tillotson; 1789 Isaac VanEtten to Tho. Tillotson; 1796 Matthew VanEtten + Tho. Tillotson; (2) 1835 John Tillotson. (Note: Collection is under review.)    Dutchess County Columbia County Ulster County  Deeds Textual Records   Deeds    vertical
1995-026.02 Callahan Collection: Maps  1791-1954  Series contents: 1) Highway Department map of Dutchess County, undated but post-World War II; 2) Delaware and Hudson Canal Map 3rd Edition 1954; 3) Ulster County map drawn by Edwin H. Hommell, showing Indian sites, undated but includes Ashokan Reservoir; 4) Undated map of approximately 178 acres of land transferred by Federal Vanderbergh to H.G. Dyar showing Hudson River and Landsman's Creek; 5) 1791 survey map by Jacob Smith of land owned by Abraham Trevor and David Trevor, Town of Clinton.  Tillotson James Vanderburgh Dyar Trevor Hommell   Columbia County Dutchess County Ulster County Hudson River Valley Clinton  Maps  Maps Canals Hudson River Valley     vertical
1995-026.03 Callahan Collection: Pamphlets  1700-1954  1) History of Kipsbergen (1894); 2) Rhinebeck the Beautiful 3rd ed. (1899); 3) First National Bank of Rhinebeck 1865-1915 (1915); 4) Beekman Arms 1700-1917; 5) Rhinebeck Gazette 1846-1926 (1927); 6) "Salmagundi" Journal, two issues: July-September 1927 and Oct-Dec 1927; 7) Levi Parsons Morton Week program (1834-1954); 8) Rhinebeck Gazette 1846-1946 (1946); 9) NYS Education Dept Bulletin Dec 1, 1932 about 150th anniversary of President Martin Van Buren's birth.   Morton Van Buren Kip Strong  Columbia County Dutchess County Rhinebeck  Program Pamphlets Flyer   Celebrations Presidents Vice Presidents Inns Businesses Banks     vertical
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