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1995-020 Bonesteel family, Rhinebeck History: News clippings and photos c 1950s-1990  1715-1991  This collection is a study of the Bonesteel family from Nicholas Bonesteel who immigrated c1715 to the U.S. from Germany or Holland and onward to Jacob Bonesteel who died in Red Hook, N.Y. Many were Tories who emigrated to Canada after the Revolutionary War. Others stayed or returned to New York State.  Bonesteel Bohnenstiel Bonisteel Bonstelle Bon Steel  Dutchess Ulster Columbia Greene Albany Canada  Book Magazine Pamphlet  Genealogy Revolutionary War Loyalists  STUART, Carol  vertical
1995-021.01 Bertha Toneu Collection: Illuminated Bible, Photographs and Assorted Papers  mid 1880s-1944  Bible is a large illuminated "Parallel Bible" with leather and metal binding and two metal fasteners. Spaces for family photos and dedications is empty. In front cover there is a "Victory Liberty Loan" for service assigned to Miss Bertha Toneu, Rhinebeck.  Toneu  Rhinebeck and surrounding area  Book  Bibles    vertical
1995-021.02 Bertha Toneu Collection: Accounts of George W. Hogan 1861-1863  1861-1863  Four small leather bound diaries printed with the dates 1861, 1862, 1863, 1863. They are each inscribed with the name George W. Hogan, Rhinebeck, N.Y. and the date on front page. They are dated lists of accounts including many common surnames of the Rhinebeck area. No information is included to indicate the relationship among the series.  Toneu Hogan Lists of various surnames of area found in account books  Rhinebeck and surrounding area  Book  History Economics Politics Diary Business Record Account Book    vertical
1995-021.03 Bertha Toneu Collection: Stranger's Guide to the City of New York, With Map (Miller's)  1866  This book is an 1866 guide to New York City including public buildings, churches, hotels, places of amusement and literary institutions. Illustrated with wood cuts, it also contains numerous advertisements. A fold-out map of the Hudson River, in color, is attached within the book. The name George W. Hogan is penciled in both front and back of the book. There is also a one-cent advertisement postcard addressed to the same.  Toneu Hogan  New York City  Book  History Economics Tourism  MILLER, James  vertical
1995-021.04 Bertha Toneu Collection: Various Books  c1850-1926  Contains three books: Stepping Stones to Literature A Second Reader published by Silver Burdett 1897, with "Bertha Toneu, Rhinebeck NY" inscribed on the flyleaf; Valentine's Manual of Old New York, published by The Chauncey Holt Co. 1926 and inscribed by Joseph Fisher "don't take it out of here" on verso of front cover, details life in New York City in the 19th century; Grimm's Fairy Tales, title page and other pages missing.  Toneu Fisher  Rhinebeck New York City  Books  History Tourism Education  ARNOLD, Sarah Louise; GILBERT, Charles B; BROWN, Henry Collins  vertical
1995-021.05 Bertha Toneu Collection: Two Magazines  1858, 1875  Harper's New Monthly Magazine, June 1858 issue, cover missing. Ehrichs' Fashion Quarterly, Fall 1875, published by Ehrich and Co. Eighth Ave, NYC details fashions of the time, prices and guides to such things as how to judge quality of furs.  Toneu  Rhinebeck and surrounding area  Magazines  History Fashions    vertical
1995-021.06 Bertha Toneu Collection: Photographs, assorted and unmarked  Early 20th century  Series contains six unlabeled photographs: man standing outside of S.B. Roome-Trunks business with various comodities visible in store window; unmarked possible family photo on steps of a house marked 30; school class photo with " Bertha" written in pencil on back; three women by a tent with an American flag. and "R.H. Longyear, Kingston, N.Y." printed on back of photo; seven young women standing with a ball labeled R.H.S. 1913 and "Ed F. Tibbals Photographer Rhinebeck, N.Y." printed on back; six young women seated with a ball labeled R.H.S. 1914 and Ed. F. Tibbals Photographer Rhinebeck N.Y. printed on back.  Toneu Tibbals  Rhinebeck and surrounding area  Photographs  History Schools-Rhinebeck    vertical
1995-022 Traver Family Collection  1874-1913  Micellaneous Papers- News articles, handwritten promissory notes, postcard from Siena, Italy, Last Will of John H. Traver dated 1891, receipts, stamps.  Traver Williams  Rhinebeck  Correspondence Receipts Promissory notes Will  Genealogy Cemeteries Churches    vertical
1995-023.01 World War I and II Memorabilia: World War II Rhinebeck Veterans Scrapbook  1941-1945  Titled "World War II Photo News of Rhinebeck Vets," this scrapbook contains newspaper articles about Rhinebeck servicemen and servicewomen during World War II, mostly from 1942-43. Included are an article on Pearl Harbor, honor rolls for Rhinebeck service and announcements of enlistments, promotions, engagements, marriages and deaths, as well as "Letters from Lindsley." by Lindsley Mattison.  Mattison Frost Rikert Tewksbury Strong Lown Tator Gurnell Wheeler Rhoads  Rhinebeck  Correspondence Newspaper articles  World War II    vertical
1995-023.02 World War I and II Memorabilia: World War I Military Banners  1914-1918  Twelve World War I banners, colored embroidery on felt, each approximately 5" X 11", 1) Coast Artillery 2) Ordnance 3)Marine 4) Artillery 5) Quartermaster 6) Mach. Gun 7) Over There Aviation 8) Engineers 9) Cavalry 10) Medical 11) Signal 12) Infantry,    Rhinebeck  Textile banner  War World War I    vertical
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