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1995-075 Rhinebeck Village Census 1898  1846, 1898  Contains a handwritten 1898 census of the Village of Rhinebeck, listing names and ages of all Rhinebeck Village residents, arranged alphabetically in a hardcover journal. On the cover is written "property of Alice Milroy" and "Village of Rhinebeck Jan'y 15, 1898." Tucked Inside the journal is a militia list dated 1846 of persons who commuted for militia duty from Rhinebeck.     Rhinebeck  Book List   Military Records Militia Census Genealogy   Zoning board of Rhinebeck  vertical
1996-002.03 Fox Hollow, Estate of Tracy Dows: Letter from Edward J. Zneimer  22-Sep-82  A letter to Marilyn Hatch, Rhinebeck Historical Society, from Edward J. Zneimer, Executive Director of Rhinebeck Country School, in which he declines her invitation to list the school properties in historic registries. Rhinebeck Country School occupied Fox Hollow at the time of the letter.  Hatch Zneimer Larson  Rhinebeck  Letter   Estates Fox Hollow Letters   ZNEIMER, Edward J  vertical
1996-007.02 Rhinebeck Families Tercentenary 1988: Families 2  1988  17) McDermott family, Ettenson family 18) Replansky family 19) Bergles family 20) Pitcher family 21)Riordan family 22) Guiney family  McDermott Ettenson Replansky Bergles Pitcher Riordan Guiney   Rhinebeck  Photograph   Celebration Family life Genealogy Photography   YOUNG, Mildred, compiler  vertical
1996-007.01 Rhinebeck Families Tercentenary 1988: Families 1  1988  Photographs of families and groups taken in celebration of the 1988 Rhinebeck tercentenary: 1) Third Evangelical Church members and friends 2) Venezia family 3) Yerry family) 4) McGee family 5 & 6) Lobotsky family 7) Williams, Pratt, Replansky families 8) Martinez family 9) Replansky family 10)Martin family 11) Offerman family 12) Guiney family 13) Chaneles, Vavadi, Volski families 14,15) Cautelas, Sinnott families 16) Ettenson family   Venezia Yerry McGee Lobotsky Williams Pratt Replansky Martinez Martin Offerman Guiney Chaneles Vavadi Volski Cautelas Sinnott Ettenson   Rhinebeck  Photograph   Genealogy Family life Celebration Photography   YOUNG, Mildred, compiler  vertical
1995-089.04 Rhinebeck Tercentenary Celebration: Chairperson Mildred Young's Files  1686-1688, 1986-1989  1) Agreement between Mildred Young and Donald Quackenbush about funding 2) July 5, 1988 New Yorker article on Rhinebeck 3) Folder entitled "A Guide to Cultural and Recreational Resources" of Rhinebeck that includes drawing and photographs of historic houses 4) Booklet on Rhinecliff, including a walking tour 5) Other letters and documents.  Young  Rhinebeck  Contract Magazine article Booklet Letter   Celebrations Tercentenary 1986   YOUNG, Mildred  vertical
1998-029 Map of David Trever Farm, 1764  1764  Map dated 1764, ink on paper, measures 13 +" h. x 32 +" w., shows David TreverĂs farm bounded on the north by Stoutenburgh. A penciled note labels the division to the west as Joseph TreverĂs farm. The far side of the division to the east is identified as Wappingers Creek. Map is signed by Ch. D. Witt. Note on back of map says ˘Middle Farm.÷ Accession records indicate that this is a map from the collection of Dewitt Gurnell, former Town Historian.  Trever Witt  Southern Dutchess County  Map  Geography Genealogy Land Maps  WITT, Ch. D.  vertical
2000-007 Winnakee Land Trust Holiday Reception 1999  1999  Collection contains a 5x7 printed announcement card for the Winnakee Land Trust holiday reception held on December 12, 1999 at 8 Wurtemburg Road, Rhinebeck, which at the time was called Lyon Around Farm. The property was known in the early twentieth century as the Tompkins Farm, where violets were grown commercially in their greenhouses.  Tompkins Cole Kiviat Garrick   Rhinebeck   Announcement Card   Winnakee Land Trust Land Preservation Celebrations   Winnakee Land Trust  vertical
1996-051.01 DeGarmo Institute Textbooks: First Reader  1860  The First Reader of the School and Family Series, published by Harper and Brothers, is illustrative of teaching materials used at DeGarmo Institute in the nineteenth century. On the title page is written "Ada Hyde."   Willson Hyde  Rhinebeck  Book   Education Genealogy DeGarmo Institute  WILLSON, Marcius  vertical
1995-002 Anna Milroy Lown Ancestors  1662-1990  Newspaper article photocopies about ancestors whose history is described back to 1662. Items include notices about births, marriages, deaths, military service, and occupations of Milroy and Staley and related families.  Milroy Lown Staley Knickerbocker Herrick Lafayette Still Thorne Williamson Doyle Burroughs  Rhinebeck  Newspaper   Genealogy  WILLIAMSON, Elma Staley  vertical
1996-084.03 Elma Williamson Collection # 2: Essay  1938  Draft of a 1938 humorous essay by Elma Williamson titled "Presidential Polygamy" about the many varied duties of First Ladies includes mention of President Franklin Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  Roosevelt Williamson  Rhinebeck  Essay  Presidents First Ladies Politics   WILLIAMSON, Elman  vertical
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